2019 Presentations

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Employee Experience – Creating a Successful Culture
9 out of 10 companies see culture as a high priority yet only 1 in 10 understand what embodies a good culture. Does your organisation have the right culture it needs to drive future performance?

Speaker: Dom Price, Head of R&D and Work Futurist, Atlassian

• Values v’s Culture; what’s the difference and what matters
• Trends impacting the way we work
• Understand the legacy from the last industrial revolution
• Let’s talk people, and not resources


Employee Experience – Managing Change and Communication
Learn how to make impacting communication to deliver change throughout the organisation

Speaker: Paula Adamson, General Manager, IP Australia

• Co-design is key to ownership
• Bring people into the conversation early
• Transparency is important
• Implementation is just the beginning


Employee Experience – Leveraging Diversity to innovate
Diversity, inclusion and belonging remains a high priority for leading organisations. What tools and resources are need to leveraging diversity in order to innovate?

Speaker: Sarah Abbott, Head of Diversity, Leadership and Inclusion, University of Sydney

• Moving from diversity towards inclusion – difference between the two.
• Benefits of inclusive teams and managers – How does inclusion make a difference.
• How to embed inclusion – What we can do.
• What do inclusive behaviours look like – How to be aware of them – The role of the bystander.
• Common biases that inhibit inclusion – How to avoid them.
• Finding a common ground – Benefits of a common ground – Ways to create common ground.


Employee Experience – Workplace Loneliness
Research conducted on workplace loneliness and implications for workplace health, wellbeing and the employee experience. How can organisations create thriving and future-ready workplaces.

Speaker: Dr Lindsay McMIllan OAM, Managing Director, Reventure

• What is the relationship between social isolation and workplace loneliness?
• Is technology solving loneliness or contributing to it?
• What does loneliness have to do with workplace wellbeing, engagement, performance and resilience?
• How do we ensure HR managers achieve their KPIs while addressing social isolation?


Disruption & Innovation
Digitalisation for the future Digitalisation is a business priority, yet there is a cohesive strategy across the organisation. As the momentum for people analytics continues, what HR technologies are emerging? How will this impact HR processes, programs, and systems in 2020?

Presenter: Matt Ashes, Associate Director – HR Planning, Projects, Technology and Recruitment, KPMG

• With all this talk of tech, what is internal IT’s role?
• You’ve focused on transformation with lesser known solutions, what about the top end of town like SuccessFactors and Workday?
• Which emerging tech do you think will provide the biggest transformation in the coming years?


Presenter: Keith Wilkinson, Group Head of HR Transformation & Delivery Coca Cola Amatil (former)

• How does HR use data and analytics to make a difference?
• Millions of dollars can be spent on HR technology solutions how do you make sure you get the best results?


HR Transformation – Transformational (cultural) change – what is transformational (cultural) change? What is HR’s role and how can HR become a ‘true’ transformational change agents?

Speaker – Barry Singer, Head of HR, Otis

Speaker notes:

  • What is transformational (cultural) change
  • Should formal Change management theory & practice be an essential skill for HR?
  • HR’s role in transformational change
  • How HR can be ‘true’ transformational change agents  
  • Change methodology and case studies to illustrate the above  


Leadership development – empathy matters –

Speaker – Dan Haesler, International keynote


Leadership Development Trust in Leadership – Less than half of global professionals trust their employer, manager or colleagues. How can HR help their leaders win back’ trust from both their employees and also from the public?

Speaker – Francesca Boase – Managing Director – Edelman