Q&A with Christie

Christie Roser is the Chief Human Resources Officer for the Aristocrat Group

Christie is responsible for leading their global people agenda focused on Culture, Organisational Performance, Employee Experience and Company Reputation.

Christie joined Aristocrat in 2011 and during that time, has worked in roles both within and outside of HR. Prior to Aristocrat Christie has led HR teams across a range of industries including publishing, transport and logistics.

Christie also serves on the Board of Women in Gaming Australasia which is a not for profit partnership between Aristocrat and The STAR aimed at promoting the advancement of women in the Gaming industry.

Christie has a Batchelor of Business and a Masters in HRM. She lives in Kirribilli with her wife and daughter.

Q&A with Christie

What was your first HR role and in which industry?

Straight out of University I got a role as EA to CHRO and HR Team Assistant at Pharmacia Australia (Pharmaceuticals)

How or why did you become a HR professional?

I grew up in a family with a strong connection to trade unions so was exposed to the role of HR from a fairly young age with many dinner table conversations giving me a one-sided view of their value. During Year 11 I was able to study HR which gave me a totally different perspective and that’s when I decided I wanted to be a HR professional. My aspiration at the time was to change the perception of the function so organisations could benefit from its true value and the next generation didn’t have to have the same dinner table conversations.

What is your view of human resources as a business function?

HR is a driver of change, growth and very importantly share price appreciation, it is not a cost centre. An organisations ability to execute its Strategy is 100% dependant on its people and therefor no function has a greater ability to have a positive impact on a business than HR. For public companies when shareholders have high levels of confidence in an organisation’s strategy and the team’s ability to execute, the company can trade at a premium to the rest of the market. It’s this value that HR can drive by ensuring the organisation has the capacity and capability to deliver on its commitments. Over the last few years there was a trend for HR teams to be all about Employee Experience and whilst I don’t disagree how important that is an organisation can have a great employee experience but not make any money. HR’s real contribution comes at the intersection of those 2 agendas.

What are some of the challenges in moving into HR Management and above?

Seeing yourself as a business person who just happens to have HR capabilities as opposed to a HR expert. This requires an identity shift from the earlier stages of your career where your technical expertise was the most valued.  Also, like all management roles not just HR ones learning to get things done through others is easy to coach people on but actually hard to do. Invest in your own development as much as you invest in developing others. Don’t be the plumber with a leaky tap.

Any advice for the next generation of Aspiring HR Leaders?

Engage in business events as much as HR events and build your professional network with a good balance of HR and non-HR contacts. HR skills might be transferrable across industries but learn about different industries and find ones that interest you as whilst good HR skills are a must being passionate about what you do and who you do it for is more important.

What do you enjoy doing during your free time?

Right now, I don’t have any as I spend a week or more a month overseas for work, have a 12-year-old daughter and am planning a wedding in November to my partner Rebecca.  That said when I do get free time I love sharing good food and good wine in good company. Working for Aristocrat also means I get to play social games on my mobile and call it research so with 30+ hours a month spent flying I do enjoy testing my skills with a few levels of Cooking Craze or Lost Island

Aspire HRD 2019

Christie joins the line-up at Aspire HR Sydney 2019 and will be speaking in the series of sessions on HR Transformation at the preconference workshop (March 28)  – How can aspiring HRDs can prepare for conversations with their CEO to help deliver the business through change and disruption?

Aspire HR 2019 will be hosted in Sydney on March 28 + April 2-3 and brings together the most brilliant minds with a focus on five key areas:

  • Employee Experience
  • Disruption & Innovation
  • Leadership Development
  • HR Transformation
  • Talent Management

For more information visit https://www.aspirehrd.com.au/summit/or to request a conference program, call (02) 8875 7794 or register@aspirelearning.net.au