Q&A with Kelly

Q&A – Kelly Parmenter of Foxtel

Kelly Parmenter is a HR Director at Foxtel, supporting the Office of the Chief Operating Officer.

Previously she was with Campbell Arnott’s for 12½ years in a number of senior leadership positions, with her last role being HR Director, R&D + Supply Chain. This involved leading the HR teams across four manufacturing facilities and business partnering the Supply Chain and Research & Development leadership teams for the APAC region.

With over 10 years’ experience in human resources, Kelly has worked in insurance, employment services, retail, and fast moving consumer goods for companies including NRMA and Bunnings.

Kelly has worked across the generalist and specialist areas of HR including talent management, learning and development, shared services and talent acquisition. She has a commitment to leading with transparency and collaboration and a passion for strengths based coaching and working with leaders and teams to achieve high performance.

Kelly is an avid learner and recently completed a Diploma in the Neuroscience of Leadership. She loves to run and this year just made it through her second marathon….

Q&A with Kelly

What was your first HR role and in which industry?

I had the very good fortune to work for Bunnings in the role of Learning & Development Coordinator. It was a fantastic role for many reasons, including the opportunity to support a number of new store openings across NSW & ACT.

How or why did you become a HR professional?

HR definitely found me, I’m one of ‘those’ people who fell into HR. That said, I know for certain it’s my passion, it’s the only career for me – I’m proud to tell my children that my days are filled with making a genuine difference to people’s lives, it’s a pretty incredible position to be in.

What is your view of human resources as a business function?

Constantly evolving with the changing landscape of the business – yet we are consistently the team that the rest of the organisation can rely on, for its ability to respond to those circumstances and direct the energies of leaders and the business more broadly, into the right spaces.

What are some of the challenges in moving into HR Management and above?

Not rushing into more senior roles too quickly. I believe the strongest HR leaders have runs on the board, they’ve had their share of ups and downs, wins and failures – it’s this experience that sets you up to be a successful coach – I think you have to live a little to be relatable and adaptable to the variety of people you will partner with.

Any advice for the next generation of Aspiring HR Leaders?

Build breadth – including opportunities to take a role outside of HR such as frontline leadership. HR offers you the chance to work in both the specialist and generalist streams, so maximise that opportunity and look for ways in which you can round out your experience set – great foundations for a truly inspiring HR leader of the future.

What do you enjoy doing during your free time?

I’m known for two things in particular, my online shopping (I’m obsessed with clothes and shoes) and running. My preferred distance is a half marathon – definitely slow and steady, but a critical way for me to fuel my competitive spirit.

Aspire HRD 2019

Kelly joins the line-up at Aspire HR Sydney 2019 and will be speaking in the series of sessions on HR Transformation at the preconference workshop (March 28)  – HR continuously evolves into a strategic and influential business partner. What the traits do HR leaders expect from the next generation who are expected to take over the helm? What gaps need to be bridged?

Aspire HR 2019 will be hosted in Sydney on March 28 + April 2-3 and brings together the most brilliant minds with a focus on five key areas:

  • Employee Experience
  • Disruption & Innovation
  • Leadership Development
  • HR Transformation
  • Talent Management

For more information visit https://www.aspirehrd.com.au/summit/or to request a conference program, call (02) 8875 7794 or register@aspirelearning.net.au